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Kurzweil Digital Pianos

Makers of Kurzweil digital piano say it’s all about the sound and Piano Man USA is the right place to acquire it. Piano Man sells and services digital pianos by Kurzweil throughout the greater Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia area.

Kurzweil digital pianos are a favorite among musicians of all skill levels and interests because of their natural sound and popular digital features. These devoted users recognize that the Kurzweil digital piano produces notes accurately and with the precision sound that only a quality digital piano can make available.

Piano Man offers the acclaimed Kurzweil X-Pro MG, a professional level mini-grand piano. While the X-Pro MG looks like a mini grand piano, it produces a big concert grand sound with digital convenience and reliability. The Kurzweil X-Pro MG offers a range of digital applications including digital recording and playback along with a bank of special sounds that can be used to accompany the sounds from the keyboard. Piano Man also has the famous Kurzweil X-Pro UP, professional level upright digital piano. A full rich upright piano sound comes from the first note to the last. The Kurzweil X-Pro UP also features a digital section with record and playback and produces a number of digital accompaniments. The Kurzweil X-Pro UP from Piano Man is a convenient size piano that can be either portable or permanent.

Piano Man offers Kurzweil digital pianos in other popular models including a compact digital piano. These pianos have a range of features at very attractive prices.

When the need is for a reliable digital piano that produces the most natural sound, the best choice is the Kurzweil digital piano. You can enjoy your very own Kurzweil digital piano from Piano Man, the name you can trust for a quality piano.