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Maryland Piano Repair Piano Appraisals

For those in Maryland, piano repair has a name; Piano Man. Based centrally in Catonsville, Piano Man has provided Maryland with unparalleled quality of service for nearly 40 years. We are “everything pianos”, and piano repair and piano appraisals are special areas of expertise. Over the years, we’ve seen thousands of pianos of all kinds and in every state of ill condition imaginable. We also know our manufacturers and their vintages well enough to be able to quote you a fantastic price on the value of your piano. In many cases, even the most neglected and tattered pianos still hold valuable resale potential. They just need a little extra love to get them back into shape. Piano Man can help you, and your piano, achieve these goals.

Piano appraisals can help you determine not only the resale value of your piano, but its overall worth as well. Even if you’re not looking to sell or upgrade your instrument, often it’s a good idea to be informed of your instrument’s market value just so you know what a gem you’re playing. You may find it inspiring to discover that you’ve underestimated your instrument. After an appraisal, many people approach playing their piano with a renewed sense of awe. Piano Man can instill this new confidence and revived inspiration anywhere in Maryland.

In order to achieve the maximum appraisal value, some piano repair may be needed. Our skilled technicians are able to work on-site and can help restore your piano to its full playing and performing potential and often increase its resale possibilities after a thorough tune-up and repair.

Piano Man is the leader in Maryland piano repair and piano appraisals. Call or email us to schedule an appointment.