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Maryland Piano Tuning Tuners

Piano Man is Maryland’s premier piano tuning and piano repair house. Located in Catonsville since 1974, Piano Man has been tuning and repairing the state of Maryland’s pianos for over 35 years. Our experienced team has encountered pianos in all stages of ill and err, and have been able to restore even the most neglected instruments to exquisite working condition. From Rockville to Rising Sun, Piano Man is ready to fine tune your piano.

Every piano, even professional concert hall grands, begins to drift in intonation after a relatively short period of time. Factors that cause these lags in tuning are numerous. Constant play can affect the durability of the resonant strings just as much as dust and long periods of stasis. Our piano tuners are well-equipped to manage and eliminate these dissonant drags no matter what the cause, or how severe the tonal mutiny.

Environment plays a vital role as well. As the piano’s wooden shell expands and contracts to climate changes, or gathers moisture, the natural resonances within the instrument shift accordingly. Maryland’s most trusted piano tuning specialists cannot only revive your piano’s inner musical architecture, but they can also provide expert advice on how to keep its frame poised to better endure the subtle yet affecting natures of its surroundings.

At Piano Man, we pride ourselves on our unparalleled record of customer service. For over three decades we have established a stellar reputation as an in-demand team for piano repair in Maryland, as well as Washington DC and Virginia. Whether your piano is the center of activity in your home or studio, or classroom, or it has become a cobwebbed relic of faded aspirations, Piano Man’s dedicated piano tuners and repair men can tune-up and restore your inspiration so you can keep the music alive.