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Northern Virginia Piano Tuning Moving

Piano Man services all of Northern Virginia’s piano tuning, moving, and repair needs. Whether you need an annual tuning and check-up, repair to structural damage, or someone to bring your prized piano from one location to another, Piano Man will be there for you. Providing our clients with three and a half decades of impeccable service and the highest quality standards of advice and skilled workmanship, Northern Virginia’s go-to piano specialists are ready for anything.

Moving a piano can be one of the most arduous tasks of an already stressful situation. It’s not something you want to handle yourself, and trusting a moving company with your instrument can be dicey. Let the experienced and careful piano lovers at Piano Man handle this most delicate task. We will take every precaution to ensure that your piano arrives at its destination safely and harmoniously.

From Alexandria across to Arlington and on down to Richmond, our piano tuning specialists have kept Northern Virginia in tune for over 35 years. We service area schools, concert halls, performance and rehearsal spaces with the same level of distinguished pitch-perfectionism as we do home pianos. Our piano tuning specialists also work on-site, and our rates are extremely affordable.

If you’re hearing clangs and unnatural overtones coming from inside your piano, or perhaps it’s missing keys, has rusted strings, broken hammers or pedals, you may be in need of a more thorough tune-up. Our piano repair experts are able and equipped to fix most melodic and structural maladies on-site. Should your instrument be in need of a more serious overhaul, Piano Man’s team can help devise a comprehensive service plan which could repair and restore your piano.

In Northern Virginia, piano tuning, repair, and moving is as simple as a sing-along. Call Piano Man for an appointment today.