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Used Baby Grand Pianos Maryland

Piano Man has a spectacular stock of used baby grand pianos, ready to be delivered to Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. We have an extensive collection of elegant baby grands perfect for the serious pianist’s home, classroom or rehearsal space. Nothing fills a room with music quite like a baby grand. Its open top and compact frame gives it resonant qualities similar to the concert grand, but in a package that’s easier to manage. If you’re looking to upgrade from an upright to something a little more regal and professional, then Piano Man can help you find a used baby grand piano at a fantastic price which will be music to your ears.

There are a few unique advantages of owning a used baby grand piano. They are vintage instruments which carry with them a history and pedigree that you just don’t get with a new piano. Like a classic car, a used baby grand is faithfully restored and maintained, retaining its timeless beauty while transcending age and wear. It’s already well-conditioned and its sonorities richly imbued in its frame. Baby grands exude warmth and produce a body of sound that is as much a joy to hear as it is to play. Used baby grand pianos from Piano Man bring the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC areas an air of sophisticated sound that can be passed from generation to generation.

Our selection of used baby grand pianos will inspire you. Stop by our showroom in Catonsville, Maryland, easily accessible from DC and just a short drive from Virginia. Or browse our online gallery of baby grands to virtually explore your new muse. Piano Man is “everything pianos”, and our wonderful used baby grand pianos are ready to bring your music to life!