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Washington DC Piano Repairs Repairing Pianos

Piano Man has been one of the most trusted teams for Washington DC piano repairs since 1974. We service, restore and revive the District’s pianos to the highest standards of quality, efficiency and customer care. From key replacement to solutions to structural issues, our technicians can expertly bring your piano back to peak playing condition, often in just a single visit. For over three decades our goal has been to bring wonderful music to Washington DC and we have an excellent reputation for customer satisfaction and stellar service for all of our repair work.

Piano repairing is painstaking work and it takes skilled professionals to diagnose and mend maladies in such an intricate instrument. The infrastructure of a piano is a very specific and delicate architecture, designed to create tonal richness and clarity of timbre. If something is off or not operating correctly, it can often be an insurmountable obstacle to the composer, songwriter or performer. The sustain and dampening pedals, for instance, are elemental in providing resonant dynamics in a piece of music. When they are broken or misfiring, the music cannot be played to its full potential. Similarly, if a note is unusually hard or soft due to a worn hammer or weakening string, the range of notation becomes compromised, leaving the pianist unable to properly build chords or play melodies which utilize that note. These are very common ailments for pianos, and can be fixed with only the kind of trained ears and eyes at Piano Man.

If you’re having any difficulty, great or small, in playability and performance don’t hesitate to call Piano Man for the most sound advice and solid service for Washington DC piano repairs.