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Washington DC Piano Tuning

Piano Man is the first name in Washington DC piano tuning. We offer expert, on-site piano tuning at exceptionally reasonable prices. Our staff is completely mobile and ready to assist you down to the smallest detail and harmonic interval. After a visit from a Piano Man professional, you’ll be playing again in pure pitch perfection in no time!

Here at Piano Man, we know that every piano is different and has its own unique resonances. These tones are not only unique within the piano itself, but also react to their acoustic environments in radically different ways. Our piano tuners who service the Washington DC area are trained to pinpoint the exact harmonic nuances in the instrument itself as well as the resonant overtones in the room, and fine-tune them to eliminate unequal melodic temperament and pitch beating in any situation.

Whether your piano is drastically dissonant or just needs a simple pre-performance tune-up, our team of piano tuners are ready and able to work on your instrument on-site so that you’re ready to play in true harmony. We can fix up that dusty old relic in your basement or make your recital hall’s baby grand ready for the show with equal care and precision. No matter what the situation, you’ll find your piano playing as good as new after a visit from one of Washington DC’s finest piano tuners on our staff.

Feel free to call or email us with your specifications, and we will promptly respond with the area’s most knowledgeable and consistently revered advice. Our schedules are always able to work with yours. Supreme customer service is our mission, and our most valued goal. Please let us know how we can work with you, and restore your piano’s intonation to its most brilliant purity. Piano Man are Washington DC’s best piano tuners by excellence, servicing all of the Capitol District’s piano tuning needs since 1974.