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Virginia Piano Repair Tuning Pianos Virginia

Your best bet for Virginia piano repair and piano tuning is to call on the Mid-Atlantic coast’s premiere piano technicians at Piano Man. For over three decades, Piano Man has provided excellent customer service in piano repair and tuning throughout the Capitol region and from Maryland to Virginia. Our skilled technicians are fully mobile and able to work on-site to fix most piano problems and give your instrument a tune-up. Piano Man can have your piano back in great condition and ready for you to bring your music to the world again!

It is recommended to have your piano tuned at least once a year. Like a car tune-up, it’s part preventative maintenance and part performance check. Because pitches can start to drift off of their tonal centers over relatively short periods of time, the annual tuning corrects these slight (or major) imperfections and restores the piano’s tonal and harmonic clarity. The differences between playing a well-tempered piano and one that is allowed to amble slowly from pitch perfection can be what separates a great performance from a mediocre one. Make every performance, or even practice, worthy of a standing ovation by keeping your piano at the peak of pitch perfection through active annual tuning.

If there appears to be any structural or cosmetic problems, Piano Man is also one of Virginia’s leaders in piano repair. From top to bottom, sticky keys to fussy wheels, Piano Man can rescue your instrument from distress and return it to worry-free playability. Having to avoid problem notes because of missing keys or clanging strings can severely limit your melodic range. Just a quick visit from a Piano Man’s piano repair professional can remedy the problem so your melodies can return to their full glory.

Call or email Piano Man to schedule an appointment for Virginia piano repair or piano tuning.